Saturday, December 12, 2009

My job...a calling

A few long lost and not so long lost friends want to know more about my new job. I want to thank all the awesome well wishers...thank you for being involved in my lonely little life over here :) Its getting better, but in the midst of the holidays and other people's families visiting some traveling to the states, I am constantly reminded of the lack of a "family" present. It seemed in SL, UT there was always a feeling of family around us....blood relation was optional.  I have made some friends here. They are wonderful, social, funny, inviting and enjoyable people. I can't wait to become better and better friends! But it doesn't negate the empty feeling of those who aren't here. I miss you all! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.T


I have accepted a job as a staff nurse in an adult ICU at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. It is an American Military hospital. It sounds similar to the ICU at St. Alexius in Bismarck. Med/Surg, neuro, burns, infectious disease, cardiac, pulmonary, etc. etc. There are a few things very different. The main thing is patient population. I will be taking care of injured and sick soldiers the majority of the time. This was something I thought about even before leaving the states. I didn't know if I could be up for something like that. I voiced these concerns to a few friends. They agreed and understood.  A special friend (also a nurse) talked about how great it would be to have that actually feel like one is really doing something for a greater good. This conversation came to my consciousness during my interview.  

I have talked with myself. Yes, we do that from time to helps :) I decided this could take a form of humanitarian work. Yes, I know I am getting a paycheck. I also have an idea of what I will see while earning said paycheck. I do not agree with why the military is in Afghanistan or Iraq. I have never hidden my opinions about why we went to war.  These opinions do not affect the way I feel about US soldiers.  I find them to be truly heroic and selfless beyond words.  My husband served in Iraq, as most of you probably know. I know and have lived just a taste of the sacrifice these men and women have endured.

During my interview an Army Major pulled on his BDU top and said, "You don't wear one of these. But we will be asking you to be available if and when the time comes we need all hands on deck." I know what this means, it didn't need clarification. I am prepared. The Major was upfront and semi-blunt. It was refreshing. I don't like sugar coating either. So I don't wear a uniform. I have said hundreds of times I couldn't ever wear a military uniform. But, I have been given an opportunity to support and do good using my knowledge, experience and education without having to "sign my life away" to the military. I see this as a very unique learning opportunity. I see this job as an experience I will never be presented with again. I want it to be positive. I want to do as much good as possible. I want to help. I feel like this opportunity passed my way for a reason.