Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes, here it is. A blog. Written by yours truly...Tari. Can you believe it? I hope so, because I can't.

I'm starting out just playing bear with me. I haven't even the photos I want to post on this computer. But because I clicked the blog button, here I am. And if I stop now I may never continue!

We have been in Germany for 12 days. It seems like less. Probably because there is so much to do to familiarize ourselves with the area. We have started to look for permanent housing. No luck yet. We have only seen 2 properties. The first was a house of which I could tell Paul was screaming inside as we
walked through. Luckily strangers don't know his, "Let's get the hell outta here" expression vs. "wow, this is kinda cool" expression. The other property was a townhouse with a nice yard. The yard was for the children. No dogs allowed....huh? So, that was out too. Why have a yard if the dog can't pee in it? Frankly, I'm getting tired of taking the poor guy (Dexter) down 4 flights of stairs every time he needs to relieve himself. No, the hotel doesn't have an elevator. We will be seeing 2 more places tonight. I guess it is a tough time right now. There are lots of families in our situation.

Thankfully the hotel we are living in is nice. This is a pic from the other side of the lake. This pic reminds me of the hotel the family from Dirty Dancing stayed the Catskills?? Paul & I have our own bedroom with a door to the balcony. The kids sleep on a hide a bed in the living room. Our place in the pic is the top floor left side balcony. We have a small kitchenette, fridge, 2 burner stove, sink. It came equipt with closets and shelving from Ikea(yay) much better than living in just hotel rooms and we don't have to live out of our suitcases.

This is the view from the balcony. There is a public beach across the lake. The weather is tricky here, but we were able to make it over there once since our arrival. Like SLC there has been a lot of rain here. The thunderstorms are wonderful. I missed thunder and lightning...I didn't realize how much until I heard it in SLC days before we left. I was kinda nice to enjoy a few storms here. I would've felt very gypped to miss out on storms in Utah had there not been any here. Over 7 years in Utah and the only other time I heard thunder was in November...odd.

The living room, where the kids sleep. Actually Baile sleeps here. Will sleeps in a playpen in a closet (by choice) because they can't lay in the same bed without physically harming each other. God I love kids.

Signing out for now...I think Dexter has to pee.

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