Monday, June 22, 2009

Househunting and our first castle

After looking at 5 different properties in 5 different areas, I think we have found a house to rent. The biggest problem is it is located in a German village so small I don't think it has a grocery store. So much for riding my bike to the market. The house, however is beautiful. The floor plan is very open and bright. Originally, it was an old stone barn and just recently renovated. It has 4 bedrooms and 3(?) bathrooms and lots and lots of windows. The view from the deck is breathtaking. There is even a small outdoor pool in the yard. The kids will have a 20 min bus ride to school, but the bus stop is meters (woo hoo for the metric system!) away from our front door. Hopefully I will have some pics to post soon!!
(1 meter=3.3 feet)

We ventured out to tour a castle yesterday. I think the kids were expecting a bit more fantasy :) I don't think they quite get the 'this building is over 800 years old' thing yet. On the Fruhwirth's European Vacation (similar to National Lampoon's European Vacation) I missed the castle tour thanks to Aunt Flow, fucking bitch. But because I missed that, I have little to compare our castle tour to. It was a nice time and good to do something other than requirements of living in Germany.

These photos are the kids at a lookout point at either the front or back gate of the castle. Baile suprised me saying my name after I walked through and I couldn't see where she was. Their faces looked so cute, I had to get pictures :) Plus I thought it was a really cool "Halt! Who goes there?!" station.

Baile and Will had this to say about seeing an authentic castle:
Will: "It was cool."
Baile: "I liked it."
Yes, both with that punctuation...or lack of it :) But neither said it was stupi
d or boring or a waste of time. So I feel like we succeed in attempting to 'get out there and see Europe' kind of thing. LOL

If you want more historical info on the berg, check out this site:

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