Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Living in a hotel.

We have been living in this hotel for almost a month. It is beautiful, and large...not a typical hotel room. As I explained before, Paul & I have our own bedroom. There is a small kitchen/dining area with 2 burner stove, small fridge and sink. There is a hide-a-bed sofa in the living area. This is where the kids typically would sleep. We aren't typical, however :)

The kids slept together for 3 nights. Each night consisted of yelling, tattling, hitting, kicking...get the picture? Three nights.
On the fourth night, Will wanted to sleep alone. I jokingly explained the only other bed in the apartment was in the baby bed in the storage closet. He took my joke as a friendly and helpful suggestion, said "OK!" and promptly got up and crawled into the play pen. So this has become his "room". He sleeps in the this OK? He is 8 years old.
I wanted say, "There is no reason at 8 and 11 you guys can't sleep in the same bed without killing each other."

But I paused, and thought back to me and my siblings.

I'm pretty sure we slept in the same bed while on trips. We were never expected to do it for an extended period of time. So, I digressed and let my 8 year old sleep in a storage closet in a play pen. I haven't had to be a referee at bedtime since. I haven't had to force Will to sleep in the playpen, it has continued to be his choice and he prefers it. I guess I shouldn't complain ;)

Move in date is coming up. July 13th we will be leaving the hotel. *SIGH* Finally. I have been going ape shit crazy for the last 3 weeks having to live in such close quarters. The kids fight, get bored, want to go home, etc. So I thought I would be dying to get out of here. The opposite seems to be true. I feel like this will always be a special place. Natural water recreation, trees, trails, many things I love. I'm really gonna miss living here. Hiking through the Black Forest is so peaceful, and beautiful and rewarding. The balcony overlooking a small lake is awesome. I listen to the fish jumping at night. A few nights ago I watched fog roll in from the forest over the lake.....breathtaking.

The top photo was shot at 22:10, the next was 13 minutes later. Cheap thrills for this one. I have never seen fog overtake an area. It was absolutely breathtaking. I don't want to leave :) Paul made a wonderful observation last night at dinner....this will be our special place. Forever.

All the ape shit craziness aside, all the bored and cuped up kid fights behind me....I will miss this place. It was exactly what I needed to enjoy and love moving here. If not for the beauty of the Nature that surrounds us, I would've wandered into the Black Forest (w/o a GPS) never to return.


  1. I love that Will is sleeping in a closet. I love that he loves it -- very Harry Potteresque. Love the forest and the hills what a beautiful place.

  2. Those pics are gorgeous! I remember how freakin' humid it is there. We would wash clothes in my brother's crappy washing machine then try to set them out to dry and they would never dry!