Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This was the week we initially planned to move into our house...Most of our plans are made only to be changed. (I wrote this late last week but it didn't get posted then)

We have no furniture.

We have no belongings other than what we brought with us on the plane which seemed like way too much in the beginning...thankfully we have it!

We have some random things we mailed to ourselves or had shipped early. The belongings that were shipped early were taken the second week of May. In hindsight I wish I had packed more stuff but I didn't want to go the last month of living in Utah w/o certain household necessities.

I recall Paul telling me people at work told him to pack bedding, some pots/pans, etc. Neither of us could figure out why. Now we know...a little late in the game I'd say.
So we will be staying in our beautiful hotel for one more week(actually, until Saturday). I'm not complaining...yet.

We will be getting temporary beds and furniture from the FMO (Furnishings Management Office). This is a great service for people in our situation, clearly there are many. I'm not too jived about sleeping on a bed that is considered "temporary" and has been "temporary" for god knows how many other people. But I have been sleeping on a hotel bed for 5 weeks.

Random question: Why don't they have fitted sheets here?

Here is the front of the house. I'm excited to be a country girl. Our view from the deck. I think it faces south.
Another random question: Why don't highway signs have direction of travel on them? This last question is wreaking havoc on my attempts to get familiar with the area.

This is the BIK (built-in-kitchen). Kitchens are designed for people to take the furnishings with them when they move.

The house is a renovated stone barn. I don't know the age of the original building, but it is old. Hopefully that doesn't mean cold in the winter. The main heat source is oil! It actually burns oil in the winter to run the heaters. I am NOT used to this at all. There are 3 huge oil tanks in a poorly-ventilated room just off the laundry room. Its just sittining there waiting to be ignited by a freak spark of electricity. The house has a constant faint smell of oil. New rule of the house: Laundry room MUST stay closed :) Otherwise I feel we will succumb to the noxious fumes.The oil tanks are actually pretty commonplace here. Many older homes use oil for heat, especially those homes in smaller towns. We looked at a few places that had oil tanks in the basement.

The fireplace just to the right of where I am standing when I took the picture above. (I was standing the the stairs in top photo) That should help with heat.


  1. Tari..your little house looks so neat. A new adventure, right? And who needs furniture...it's overrated.

  2. Haha :) Hopefully our furniture will be here in a few weeks.